By Samantha Highfill
December 18, 2014 at 09:07 PM EST
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It’s officially that time of year when all your shows are on hiatus—leaving you to ponder (and possibly re-watch) their fall finales for the next month of your life. In other words, your holidays will be plagued with thoughts like these: “Where is Olivia Pope?” “Is Oliver Queen really dead?” “What’s going to happen to Cary Agos?”

Before you get too deep into the “what does it all mean” portion of the coping process, let’s acknowledge some of the best and worst moments that 2014’s mid-season finales had to offer. To do that, we’ve handed out a few (figurative) awards for the hours that will stick with us through the holidays:

Best character death that won’t stick: Arrow

Oliver Queen’s final showdown against Ra’s al Ghul was as memorable as it was shocking. Was it a great cliffhanger? Yes, quite literally. Do we believe that Stephen Amell is off the show? Not for one second. It’s called “Arrow.”

Best character death that will stick: The 100

In order to keep the Grounders from torturing Finn, Clarke stabbed him, all while kissing him goodbye.

Best character redemption (that would’ve been better if he’d killed his mother first): Sleepy Hollow

The good news is that Henry killed Moloch, which means that the apocalypse has been put on hold—not to mention that there might be hope for Henry yet. (But couldn’t he have killed Katrina first?)

Best ghost sex: Reign

King Henry knows how to make an entrance. In this case, the ghost appeared in his wife’s bed completely naked. Because why not?

Most exciting new villains AND worst-dressed new villains: Once Upon a Time

The Queens of Darkness—Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and Ursula—promise to bring some edge back to a show that lost it once Frozen came to town. But seriously, is Ursula wearing a bad bridesmaid’s gown?

Most shocking double homicide: The Walking Dead

R.I.P. Beth

Best breakup sex: The Originals

Hayley and Elijah finally slept together! But only after he told her that she should marry Jackson. Confusing … but so, so hot.

Best pep talk: Scandal

When Cyrus Beene decided to resign from the White House and run from his problems, Olivia gave him the sort of pep talk the old Cyrus would’ve given. It involved the words “bitch baby.”

Most welcome exit for an unloved character: Nashville

Please let Layla be dead. Please let Layla be dead.

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Most improved from last year: Tie between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Homeland

Homeland is good again, and Skye is Daisy Johnson. You pick a winner.

Best Paul Dano reference: New Girl

Okay, it was the only Paul Dano reference—but that doesn’t make it any less great.

Best uplifting moment that was immediately followed by the most heartbreaking moment: Parenthood

Joel and Julia kiss! Zeek needs an ambulance.

Best final word: The Good Wife

Cary pleading guilty is a moment that will stick with us long past the holidays.

Best (literal) final shot: Chicago P.D.

With a distracted partner, Burgess went to check on a situation by herself. The result: She was shot before she could even get to the front door.

Best reunion of things that are blue: The Vampire Diaries

Thanks to Stefan, Damon’s eyes and Damon’s car are together again.

Best out-of-nowhere character twist: The Mindy Project

Shocker: Mindy cares about her job!

Best scream: Scandal

The moment Olivia pulled the trigger (of an unloaded gun) on her father, Joe Morton let out a scream that will haunt our dreams. Rowan finally realized what Olivia was capable of, and it was enough to break him.

Best twist that was still awesome even though you might’ve seen coming, except also it kind of doesn’t make sense: The Flash

Harrison Wells has been Reverse Flash this whole time! But wait, what?

Best mother-daughter secret keepers: Jane the Virgin

Petra stole some dead girl’s identity, and her mother can walk.

Single weakest twist: Nashville

Rayna finally dumps Luke, and we find out Deacon might have cancer. Really?!

Best fight: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake + Charles + a stakeout.

Worst fight: Grey’s Anatomy

Derek and Meredith fight about D.C. for the hundredth time… and he finally, finally leaves.

Best post-apocalyptic snack treat: The Walking Dead

Thanks, Morgan, for that amazing Goo Goo Cluster.

Best kidnapping: Chicago Fire

That gangster took Sylvie and Mills!

Best revenge on your murderous mother: The Originals

Esther spent the entire season trying to change her children from vampires to mortals. Instead, they changed her into a vampire. #boom

–Additional reporting by EW staff

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