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[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched the season finale of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.]

Throughout their time on The Amazing Race, twinnies Natalie and Nadiya Anderson were a love ’em or loathe ’em pair. And nowhere was that better demonstrated than on this season of Survivor: Nadiya was the very first person voted out, and last night Natalie was voted the one million dollar winner of Survivor: San Juan del Sur. Just 12 hours after her victory, Natalie called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105)—still drunk, I might add—to talk all about her big moves leading up to the final vote. And you can now hear that entire drunken interview right here on the InsideTV Podcast. But the thing Natalie seems most fired up about was Reed’s brutally harsh takedown of her competitor Missy as a “wicked stepmother” at the final Tribal Council. A few of Natalie’s comments:

• “I wanted to get up and cuss Reed out.”

• “I would have cussed Reed out if I wasn’t trying to win a million bucks.”

• Reed is “a little bit of a diva.”

• “I probably would have sucker-punched Reed right there.”

Clearly, this is an interview you need to hear for yourself. But that’s not all. We also spoke with the entire final five, meaning we also got reactions from both Missy and Baylor as to Reed’s rant. What did they think then and what do they have to say about it now? A few highlights:

• Missy says “Reed is a performer” and describes his comments as “completely uncalled for.” She also calls his Christian standards into question, saying “you should walk the talk in life.”

• Missy calls Reed’s non-apology at the reunion “a bunch of hogwash.”

• Missy says “Reed voted for Jaclyn to spite me.” (Because his vote gave Jaclyn the second place prize money and dropped Missy down to third.)

• Meanwhile, Baylor calls the event “the worst thing I could have imagined happening at a final Tribal Council,” and labels Reed’s non-apology as “typical.”

But not all the opinion towards Reed’s words is negative. We also spoke with runner-up Jaclyn and asked Miss Michigan about her thoughts on Reedgate: “I thought it was great,” she said (no doubt because it helped her at the final Tribal) while adding that Reed was not the only person who felt that way about Missy: “A lot of people did—not just Reed.” Jaclyn also talks about her big come-from-behind challenge win (turns out she went up and down the stairs twice because she messed up the first time on the numbers), whether she thought she had won the million dollars, and if she regrets taking Natalie to the end.

Plus, Keith answers the one question we’ve all been thinking: Dude, did you have any idea whatsoever what the hell you were doing out there? His answer: “No idea.” He also explains his huge “stick to the plan” screw-up and why the hell he spits so much.

It’s your ultimate one-stop shopping to hear from the entire final five (the interviews happen in reverse order of finish, so Baylor first and Natalie last). Just click on the audio player below to get the complete inside scoop on what went down on Survivor: San Juan del Sur. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. To send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. And to hear more interviews and television discussion and debate, check out Entertainment Weekly Radio on SiriusXM, channel 105.

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