Credit: Murray Close

If you end up clubbing in Vegas to some bump and grind dub-step, don’t be surprised when you think to yourself, “Hmmm, is that Jennifer Lawrence I hear?”

Yahoo Music premiered a new club-style remix of The Hunger Games: MockingJay – Part 1’s “Hanging Treeby DJ and producer Michael Gazzo, which is, um, less rebellion, more radio friendly, to say the least. The remix even uses Lawrence’s vocals to sing the bleak and depressing lyrics.

DJ and producer Michael Gazzo explains the choice of the decidedly dark song to Yahoo, telling them, “’Hanging Tree’ is an iconic ballad. Currently topping the charts in almost every single country, the track was a no brainer when it came to remixing! My take on ‘Hanging Tree’ is much lighter, and listener friendly. Although the nature of the track is dark, I envisioned it uplifting an entire group of people to rise up. To unite.”

Take a listen now before you end up inadvertently hearing it through the vibrations of the local EDM festival.