Randall Park

At the heart of the controversy surrounding The Interview is the film’s actual plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. But amid all the reactions from stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, little has been heard from the actor portraying Kim—Randall Park.

Park spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his role in the film, offering his take on playing the character, what it’s been like to deal with the threats made against those involved with the film, and even how he thinks Jong-un might feel about the movie if he were to watch it.

Initially meeting the role with some hesitation, Park said he checked with his South Korean-born parents. They found the idea “hilarious.” He also sought counsel with friends ingrained in Los Angeles’ Korean community, and Park said “they all seemed to think it was a great movie idea.”

That calm and collected attitude continued even as initial threats against the film began popping up as early as June of this year. Park said he was “kind of expecting” North Korea to threaten the United States over the film but didn’t expect much to come from those threats.

“I know that North Korea, although they seem crazy, they’re smart and there’s no way they would make policy based on a comedy movie,” Park said to the L.A. Times.

Park said he based his interpretation of on videos of the leader with Dennis Rodman. He also said that if Kim were to watch the film, he might even enjoy it.

“…Aside from the obvious stuff—like him getting killed—I think Kim might like it,” Park said. “I don’t know. He’s kind of a cool character, you know?”

Read the entire interview with the L.A. Times for more on Park’s preparation for the role and his thoughts on the reactions to the film.

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