Senior intelligence officials told the New York Times on Wednesday that the North Korean government was “centrally involved” in the recent hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. The news came shortly after Sony announced that it canceled the theatrical release of The Interview, a film that included a scene depicting the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Although it’s not completely clear how the U.S. determined North Korea’s role in the cyber attacks, the Times says the hackers left “a long forensic trail.” The Times reported that The White House is still debating whether to publicly accuse the North Korean government of cyberterrorism and what kind of action to take if they do decide to. But according to CNN, the U.S. is expected to make an official announcement on Thursday announcing North Korea as the culprit, but said officials are “going back and forth” over whether or not to call them out by name.

Sony and the FBI did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.