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With only one episode left in 2014, The 100 may finally show what peace on Earth looks like. That’s right: the Grounders and Sky People could be working in harmony to defeat the Mountain Men in the new year. There’s just one caveat—Finn must die.

After Finn massacred 18 people (including children) in a Grounder village two episodes back, fans have been incredibly divided as to how he should pay for his crimes. Here, star Eliza Taylor talks about how Clarke will handle this—and where her people go from here.

A lot of fans have said that the only way Finn can redeem himself is through this sacrifice. Do you agree with that?

No, I don’t think that that’s the only way he can redeem himself … I think Clarke is certainly going to do her best [to find another way]… and allow him to forgive himself the way other people have.

We’ve seen Clarke make hard decisions before, but do you think she has it in her to hand Finn over to the Grounders?

I definitely think she has it in her. But I don’t know that she has the strength to go through with it—with making such a hard decision. But at what point do you become the bad guy? I think she is going to do everything in her power to protect him.

Even if Finn is sacrificed, do you think the Grounders and the Sky People could truly work together?

I think that they certainly can … It’s going to be hard to make peace after so much blood has been spilled on both sides, but there is certainly hope for them both realizing that their common enemy is Mount Weather and that they have to work together.

The Grounders don’t know that Anya was killed by the Sky People. Do you think that would change anything if they found that out?

Yeah, it was a bit shaky of Clarke to say that Anya died by her side trying to get a message to Lexa. I suppose that would be the intention, but it was her people who murdered her. I think if Lexa did know that, it would certainly cause a couple of issues [laughs]more issues.

We’ve seen throughout this season that Clarke is still the leader of The 100—even with the adults around. Do you think that will ever be made more formal, as far as the Council?

That is certainly causing a lot of conflict between her and Abby and Kane. I think that’s definitely going to be hard for them—it already has been this season. Whether or not it becomes official, I would love that [laughs], but I don’t know that that’s going to happen.

It seems like Abby, at least, is finally listening to Clarke and trying to work alongside her instead of treating her like a child.

She certainly is. Abby has really got her back and has for the last couple of episodes, but you know it’s The 100, so that can change very quickly.

The 100 midseason finale airs Wed., Dec. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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