By Kyle Ryan
December 17, 2014 at 05:05 PM EST

One of 2014’s best musical surprises was Teenage Retirement, the debut full-length from Brooklyn band Chumped. It shouldn’t have been; the group showed a penchant for tuneful indie-punk back with its self-titled 2013 EP, but Teenage Retirement takes that promise and builds on it. A good example of that is album opener “December is the Longest Month,” a hook-laden lament on the taxing end to a tough year. That mixture of melancholy and melody recalls one of Chumped’s stated influences, seminal indie-punk band Superchunk, but Teenage Retirement also bears strains of early ’90s East Bay punk (particularly Tilt). Our fondness for all of that stuff means we’re excited to premiere the video for “December is the Longest Month.”

Anchorless Records released Teenage Retirement in November; you can stream the whole thing on Chumped’s Bandcamp page.