Rise Up Singing

The O’My’s occupy an interesting place in Chicago music. They’re deep into the city’s thriving soul scene, but they’re also tightly woven into its hip-hop community, where the chilly electronics of the drill sound have started to give way to a warmer, more organic live-band approach championed by local hero Chance the Rapper, one of several MCs with whom the group has collaborated.

Last year, the O’My’s suffered a serious trauma when their tour van flipped. Fortunately, all of the members survived, and they’ve channeled the experience into their upcoming album Keeping the Faith, due out in February, which seems likely to find the group an enthusiastic audience outside of Cook county. Its lead single “Rise Up Singing (A Beautiful Thing)” reflects the group’s irrepressibly optimistic philosophy in a funky psychedelic groove reminiscent of Sly’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On. If you need a song to help ease you into listening to other music after binging on the new D’Angelo record, here it is.