By Samantha Highfill
Updated December 16, 2014 at 10:16 PM EST

When Instagram was first announced as an app, the world’s reaction seemed to be, “It’s Twitter for pictures.” But then, filters were introduced, and suddenly everyone was super excited to have access to an amateur photoshop. “Don’t like that photo? Put a filter on it and you’ll instantly look five times better.” And welcome to the world of Instagram.

Today, the app announced that for the first time in two years, it’s introducing five new filters. This way, you can stop using Amaro and Rise so much—and finally kick Kelvin to the curb for good.

Below are the new filters with their official descriptions:

Slumber: achieves a retro look of subtle desaturation and hazing. We named it Slumber because the effect is dreamy. It does something especially retro to blacks and blues.

Crema: achieves a creamy, smooth look. We named it Crema because it achieves exactly that – both a warming and cooling effect.

Ludwig: achieves a minimalist look of taking away most of the colors and then enhancing light. We named it Ludwig because of the famous minimalist mantra “less is more,” coined by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It works especially great with portraits, architecture, and geometric shapes.

Perpetua: achieves a bluish, green, earthy look like of nature. We named it Perpetua because it’s inspired by the Cape Perpetua national forest in Oregon.

Aden: achieves a unique pastel-y look. It works great with portraits, even when there is harsh light.

In other words, use Slumber for selfies, Crema for food pics, Ludwig for artsy pictures of buildings and such, Perpetua for nature, and Aden for pets. (These rules are not set in stone.)

In addition to the new filters, Instagram is also adding image previews, the ability to personalize your filter tray, updated slo-mo video, and real-time commenting. We are all #blessed.