By Eric Renner Brown
Updated December 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Comedy Central

As his final show quickly approaches, Stephen Colbert has decided to raise money for a worthy cause one last time. The late-night host announced last week that he’s raffling off his set’s desk and mantlepiece to benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund and Donors Choose.

For every $10 donors contribute at Omaze, they’ll give themselves another chance to win the loot. Longtime viewers will remember that Colbert donated proceeds from his WristStrong bracelets to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which aids wounded veterans and their families. Donors Choose helps public school teachers fund their classrooms.

Of course, this isn’t only about helping others. “Best of all, you’ll be helping me clear out my studio before next Thursday, or I don’t get my security deposit back,” Colbert said.

Watch the announcement below and enter the raffle here.