By Clark Collis
December 15, 2014 at 05:43 PM EST

We bring glad tidings for people who want to see Salma Hayek kill a large number of people in a comparatively small space. EW can exclusively reveal that director Joe Lynch‘s new film Everly—in which the actress does just that—will be available to screen on iTunes and VOD from Jan. 23 and will arrive in cinemas, Feb. 27.

In the Christmas-set film, Hayek plays a prostitute who must kill a small army of assassins sent to murder her at an apartment by a yakuza crime boss. “Die Hard is one of my favorite movies,” Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) told EW, prior to the film’s premiere at Fantastic Fest last September. “I remember it being my Christmas movie every year. Die Hard was such an archetype for this movie: It’s Die Hard-in-a-room!”

Below, you can also check out the Lynch-directed music video for a new version of “Silent Night,” performed by singer Raya Yarbrough and arranged by regular Lynch collaborator Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead). The track is one of five reworkings of Christmas songs—including also “Deck the Halls” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”—which purchasers of the Everly soundtrack will receive when they pre-order the item.

“Since the holidays plays a big part in Everly, I tasked my longtime composer Bear McCreary to come up with his interpretation of some classic Christmas songs for the movie,” Lynch said in a statement. “The results are beautiful, sublime, and in my heart, already part of the Christmas song canon (at least in my house). Since the movie and the soundtrack are being released after the holidays, Bear and I thought it would be great to release these songs for you and your family to enjoy now, so when you click the link at the end of the video and pre-order the Everly soundtrack, you get a bunch of Bear’s Christmas songs right now before the soundtrack is released on Jan. 20, a little gift from us to you. Happy Holidays!”