Credit: Neil Jacobs/NBC

For Michael Bublé’s fourth annual Christmas special (airing Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. PT/ET), the singer garnered a triumvirate of musical coups: Barbra Streisand, Ariana Grande, and Miss Piggy herself.

Not only did Miss Piggy, Grande, and Streisand make themselves available for the special, but the Radio City Rockettes also made several appearances. Bublé said himself, “We’re not talking about C-acts that I have coming on the show. I mean truly, I have the biggest, hottest acts in the world.”

Amidst all the holiday festivities, Bublé took on the special in the midst of his tour and said, “I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s the most challenging thing that I do each year.” For a very synergistic segment this year, Bublé is taking on holiday musical requests from social media. Bublé talked about the making of his Christmas special, Christmas traditions, and how wracked he was trying to get on good terms with Miss Piggy.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

On Barbra Streisand: Bublé sang a duet on Streisand’s recent album, “Partners,” and now Streisand is returning the favor by duetting with him on his Christmas special, which Bublé says, is such a “coup.”

“Besides the Fallon show, she told me the last time she guested on a show like this was a little over 50 years ago. What a coup for me to have Barbra, not just to get her, but to just, to have it be a complete blissful experience and both of us just making each other laugh and connecting together,” Bublé said. “There’s no bigger legend out there.”

On Grande’s decidedly non-diva-like ways: Grande, has gotten her fair share of rumors of being a diva-baby of late. As Grande warmed up in the background, Bublé could not stress enough of how much of a consummate professional the pint-sized powerhouse was, noting that guests in the past have actually earned that diva moniker.

“I had Mariah on the show last year and Mariah was great, but Mariah is Mariah. She’s a beautiful, wonderful diva, and what can I tell you? Ariana Grande showed up three minutes early, she did the song perfectly, she’s in make-up, ready to go, she couldn’t have been more kinder or more professional, and if I was a fan before, you can times it by about a million now,” Bublé said.

Most requested songs on social media: By fielding musical requests from the social media stratosphere, the requests had a few of Bublé standards and a few random outliers.”When I went on Instagram, a lot of them went for the song that I wrote, believe or not, called ‘Cold December Night.’ Some people went for the record, some of them went for weird kind of stuff like ‘Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer,'” Bublé said.

On whether or not he’s ever going to record another Christmas album: Sad news for fans eager to hear the follow-up to Bublé‘s 2011 Christmas album. Bublé said that despite demand for a series of Christmas albums, his intention always was to make the ultimate Christmas album. “When I made this record a few years ago, I was sitting with my manager and producer and they said, ‘Oh volume one, volume two,'” Bublé recalled. “I said, “Guys, I’m going to work on this harder than anything and I’m not a making ‘a Christmas record,’ I’m making the Christmas record.”

On kissing up to Miss Piggy: As a fan of Miss Piggy since childhood—Bublé showed an Instagram picture of himself and Muppet-themed bicycle as a child—Bublé was understandably nervous to be working with Miss Piggy, who he deemed “the biggest diva of them all.” According to Bublé, at their first meeting, Miss Piggy, whether throwing purposeful or inadvertent shade, called Bublé, “Michael Bolton.” Ouch.

I hear it’s not always easy to work with her, but I hope she likes what I brought her in her dressing room, to really suck up really hard. And that was some chocolate with nougat and a really, really sucky card. I think I put like X’s and O’s and it was like, in my very best handwriting,” Bublé said.

On what he likes to sing when hopped up on eggnog: “‘Feliz Navidad’ is one. It’s a crowd-pleaser cause the crowd doesn’t speak English. Bublé said. “Because half my family doesn’t speak English, we sing Feliz Navidad about 47 times, over and over again.”

Michael Bublé’s Christmas in New York airs on NBC on Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.