By Jonathon Dornbush
December 15, 2014 at 04:38 PM EST
Everett Collection

Beowulf is receiving the on-screen treatment yet again, but this time the filmmakers won’t have to worry about the uncanny valley.

U.K. television network ITV has ordered a new adaptation of the classic epic poem Beowulf, which will be split into 13 parts.

The new project comes from Tim Haines, Katie Newman, and Strike Back‘s James Dormer and will be shot on location in Durham and Northumberland in England.

The series will start off with a first episode that finds the warrior Beowulf paying his respects in Herot to Thane, Hrothgar, who raised him. But the infamous monster Grendel attacks Herot, leaving Beowulf with no choice but to track down the beast and stop it.

Filming is set to begin in April 2015, however there are no casting details or scheduled air dates yet.

The last major adaptation of the Old English epic was Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 film, with Ray Winstone in the title role. That adaptation took a motion capture, CGI-animated approach to the source material, which, while generally well received, still had to contend with the oddities of animating human characters. This new adaptation looks to be keeping things more grounded in its depiction.