Credit: Imaginechina via AP Images

Another week, another Hogwarts—but don’t expect to learn any witchcraft in this one.

The Hebei Academy of Fine Arts in China’s Hebei Province has constructed a new campus in Xinle City that, rather than resembling local architecture, adheres more to Gothic and European styles. Specifically, it bears a striking resemblance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Though maybe that comparison is just all of the new Harry Potter material J.K. Rowling is releasing going to everyone’s heads.)

The castle does look more than a bit like drawings of the wizarding school and even The Wizard World of Harry Potter’s version of Hogwarts. But the new building is actually called “Cinderella’s Castle,” and was modeled on structures from medieval Europe. Unfortunately, the building has little to do with Cinderella or Hogwarts.

The campus will be used by arts students for exhibitions and post-production work on student projects. The campus is expected to be used in the latter half of 2015. For anyone with ambitions of re-creating the famous wizarding academy, however, the new building does give some idea of the investment involved—the structure cost 400 million yuan, or about $64 million.

In the meantime, it certainly couldn’t hurt to put the building to a different use. As LARPers have transformed a Polish castle into a Hogwarts-style location, local students and LARPers could certainly host a weekend or two of spell casting in the halls of Hebei’s new grounds.

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