By Esther Zuckerman
December 12, 2014 at 02:58 PM EST
Comedy Central

EW‘s cover star and Tolkien fanatic Stephen Colbert got a rare opportunity on his show last night: He got to sit down with the Hobbit trilogy’s fearsome dragon Smaug.

Smaug made quite an entrance—Colbert is playing fast and loose with his set as his tenure winds down, apparently—but ultimately interviewer and interviewee have a lot in common. They both, according to Colbert, “live in gated communities” and are “fiscal conservatives who sleep on giant piles of money.” Smaug apparently is a Rand Paul fan, who laments Hollywood’s liberal bias.

“It’s hard for conservatives to get good roles in this town,” Smaug said. “That’s why Kelsey Grammer and I are always up for the same part.” He did get offered a role on Sherlock, but doesn’t want to play “second fiddle to that hack Cumberbatch.” (Ha.)

Smaug, for what its worth, also isn’t a fan of his fellow entertainment industry dragons—don’t get him started on the Khaleesi’s brood—but he can quote There Will Be Blood. One thing he doesn’t share with Colbert, however: a love of Tolkien. (He hasn’t even read The Hobbit.)