By Mandi Bierly
December 12, 2014 at 10:23 PM EST
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Looking through screen-grabs from Sons of Anarchy‘s series finale to update our gallery of the series’ 50 most shocking moments, certain shots got us misty on sight. If you’re a fan, can you make it through these pics without welling up? Go ahead. Try.

Any shot of Tommy Flanagan’s face during those roof scenes would do, but the one above captures Chibs’ shock and sadness at hearing Jax’s plan.

The calm before the final storm. The hand on the leg.

This is the look of brotherhood: love, respect, and man, I’m gonna miss him.

Jimmy Smits, expressing all the emotions a man who’s getting confirmation that his murderous lover has been killed by her son, who is now asking him to take care of his family, would feel.

Viewers so rarely got to see Jax with both boys at once—did you fully appreciate the resemblance until this moment? It made the goodbye all the harder to watch. And Jax telling Abel to listen to Nero because he’s Daddy’s best friend…

Charlie Hunnam had to keep showing us that Jax had made peace with his decision. Watching the boys leave with Wendy and Nero was one of the few times we got to see Jax’s pain.

That single tear as Tig asks Chibs if they’re really going to vote for Mr. Mayhem knows it needs to be strong and cannot fall.

The final man-hugs were the series’ best. It’s like Jax is cradling Happy, who’d literally just taken a bullet for him.

Tig’s embrace was so soft. There’s no space between them.

Clinging to his brother, clinging to the cut.

“I got this.” No three words hit Sons fans harder.

Chibs waits for word that Jax has met his fate.

He’s a beautiful man.


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