Broadchurch Trailer
Credit: BBC America

While Fox’s American remake of Broadchurch is wrapping up tonight, the British series is gearing up for the release of its second season. Now two trailers are out: one for its run in the U.K. on ITV, which begins Jan. 5, and one for when it hits BBC America Feb. 4.

Broadchurch seems to pick up with the town mired in the grief where the first season left off following the shocking revelation as to who killed Danny Latimer, according to the more explicit ITV trailer.

The trailer teases new cast members including Charlotte Rampling, but there’s also another mystery to solve, potentially. Olivia Colman’s Ellie Miller asks, “Where were you both the night those girls disappeared?” It’s unclear to what she’s referring, but Radio Times points out that it could mean the show is honing in on the Sandbrook case mentioned in the first season. Later, David Tennant’s Alec Hardy tells Miller, “I can’t do it on my own.” (Those who have been watching Gracepoint may cheer the return of Tennant’s Scottish accent.)

Watch the BBC America trailer below:

Broadchurch Trailer
Credit: BBC America

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