Depending on your viewing habits, you can either see way too many or next to no commercials. Chances are you still see the good ones, though—probably on YouTube, probably sent to you by friends or family. But there are a lot of ads out there—it’s impossible to see every cool or interesting video made to sell you some bauble or another. Here are some of the ones we liked best—and a few we liked least.


“Puppy Love”

Easily the most adorable ad from this year’s Super Bowl.

“Kristen & Dax: Home for the Holidays”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have an adorable holiday while adorably showing off Samsung electronics.

“Enhance Your Lighting”

This over the top GE lightbulb ad features Jeff Goldblum as a hilariously extravagant lothario whose secret to success has always been great lightbulbs.

Doritos Time Machine

Doritos always has a good time at the Super Bowl. This year was no exception.

AT&T Network Experts: “Office”

This year AT&T’s ads introduced Frank and Charlie, the Network Experts. Frank and Charlie are the best.

Lurpak Cook’s Range — “Adventure Awaits”

Everything about how this commercial is shot and edited is superb. Cooking never looked more thrilling.

“Thanks, Mom”

2014 was big on pulling the heartstrings in advertising. This Sochi spot from Proctor & Gamble ought to come with tissues.


Kia’s Weird Sexy Hamster Thing

This commercial brings up so many questions, and all of them are uncomfortable. Like, are there no lady dancing hamsters in the Kia Cinematic Universe? Isn’t the prospect of using science to transform regular hamsters into Sexy Lady Hamsters kind of ethically dubious? Doesn’t suggestively dancing with said Lady Hamsters cross some sort of line that Science Hamsters shouldn’t cross? Who even thought that “Sexy Lady Hamsters” was a good idea? What has to happen to a person that leads them to imagine those words in that order? This thing is messed up on so many levels.

DirectTV’s Weird Puppet Wife Thing


Hey. Remember that Sexy Lady Hamster thing, and how weird that was? How about a weird Sexy Human Puppet thing, with wildly disturbing implications? Good chaser, right?

I’m sorry.

Maserati “Strike”

Here’s the thing about Maserati’s Super Bowl spot: at first it just seems tone deaf, choosing to use painfully pretentious narration riffing on Beasts of the Southern Wild to focus on a very blue collar set of everymen in order to promote a car for the uber-rich. But then you find the conspiracy theories that bubbled up around it, and things get really weird.

First Kiss

Early this year, a video of 20 strangers kissing for the first time went viral. The people were of the young, fashionable, and conventionally attractive sort. The colors were black and white and the focus was soft. The music was saccharine. And then the backlash came: it was all an ad for a clothing company, Wren, and the strangers were all models. Whether or not you initially liked the thing (Strangers kissing? Gross.), the magic was officially gone once that bit of news dropped.