By Emily Blake
Updated December 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

VH1’s The Greatest features a bunch of E-list celebrities counting down the greatest people and moments in pop culture. But what if it was a bunch of well-established comedians (and James Franco) counting down 100 of the most mediocre things ever?

Judging from Saturday Night Live’s latest digital short 100 Greatest Guys, it’d be one hell of an improvement. The short—which mirrors the VH1 series perfectly, from its Saved by the Bell-esque backdrops to its overenthusiastic commentary—focuses on 100 decidedly ordinary men, from 23-year-old Jeffery, who rose to a modicum of fame after dressing up as a pimp for Halloween in 2006; Dennis, who’s “a little bit better than Jeffery”; and CJ, who has mental problems.