Jerrys Game

Rick and Morty patriarch Jerry’s really into his balloon-popping iPad game—and now we know why.

The show’s co-creator Dan Harmon revealed on Wednesday that a real-life game based on Jerry’s favorite pastime would become a real app, Rick and Morty Presents: Jerry’s Game

The Adult Swim and Big Pixel Studios game will be available for both iPads and iPhones, and a link to iTunes has gone live, though the game is not available for download early.

Dubbed “the pinnacle of mobile gaming” by the app’s own description, the goal of Jerry’s Game is to pop the balloons, keep popping the balloons, unlock useless stuff, and… pop some more balloons.

Though, coming from the Adult Swim brand of games, which includes the bizarre yet addictive Robot Unicorn Attack, there may be something deeper and stranger to find beyond all that balloon popping. Or, maybe players’ hopes for the Frog Fractions of mobile games won’t be satisfied just yet.

Otherwise, just consider it a never-ending sheet of virtual bubble wrap to pop.

For an idea of how the game plays, watch the seven-minute demo Adult Swim has released. But, if you haven’t gotten the idea by now, it’s really just seven minutes of balloons popping.

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