Credit: Adam Berry/Redferns via Getty Images

For more than 20 years, They Might Be Giants fans could call a specific phone number to hear a track from the band. That service, titled Dial-A-Song, shut down officially in 2008, mostly thanks to technological difficulties—but it’s coming back in 2015.

Beginning Jan. 5, They Might Be Giants will release a new song each week throughout the year via Dial-A-Song. The tracks will premiere Monday nights on Mike Pesca’s Slate podcast “The Gist” and will be available on the Dial-A-Song website, YouTube, and iTunes.

Although Dial-A-Song doesn’t officially launch until the new year, the phone line is already up and running: Call 844-387-6962 and you’ll hear “Got Getting Up So Down“—not a new track, but one that’ll remind you why that number will be worth calling come 2015.