By Nina Terrero
December 09, 2014 at 05:31 PM EST
Paddington (2014)
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Cute bear; great cause. To celebrate the release of Paddington—about an orphaned bear (voiced by Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw) who’s welcomed into the hearts and home of the Brown family— is selling curated movie memorabilia from the film with proceeds going to The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness.

“It just feels perfectly appropriate for Paddington,” says film producer David Heyman about the charitable initiative, featuring one of Britain’s favorite bears. “[The film] is about the generosity and kindness of strangers.”

Here’s a look at the props up for grabs during the sale, which kicks off Dec. 10 at 12 p.m. ET.

Paddington’s Umbrella


Paddington uses this classic British accessory for aerial transport as he chases after a thief. “It’s a very unconventional action sequence,” Heyman says. “Sometimes things that could turn awry end up working in Paddington’s favor.”

Jonathan Brown’s Yo-Yo


This belongs to the ten-year-old child of Paddington’s adoptive parents, the Browns. “Mr. Brown only wants his son playing with toys from the ’50s and ’60s,” explains Heyman of the father figure (Hugh Bonneville), who’s initially reluctant to adopt a marmalade-loving mammal. “He wants safe toys and in his mind, Paddington represents something that is not safe.”

Paddington’s Skateboard


The ever-resourceful Peruvian critter rides the set of wheels during a high-stakes scene. Wow, Paddington did his own stunts? “No bears were hurt in the making of this film,” the producer jokes. And though the skateboard looks well-loved, make no mistake: Heyman created its weathered appearance by distressing it with gritty sandpaper.

Judy Brown’s Headphones


Paddington is a contemporary movie but with a very classic feel,” says Heyman. One of the view pieces of modern tech belongs to the Browns’ teen daughter, who uses her signature blue headphones to drown out her parents. A teen ignoring her parents? Classic, indeed.

Mrs. Bird’s Feather Duster


In keeping with British author Michael Bond’s original tales, the talking bear “causes a mess wherever he goes,” explains Heyman. “The idea of Paddington coming to an environment where tidiness is not really in his rulebook.” It seems fitting then that Brown family housekeeper (Judy Walters) counts this feather duster among her arsenal of cleaning supplies.

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