By Ariana Bacle
Updated December 09, 2014 at 03:00 PM EST

Jesse Marchant’s music has an atmospheric, gentle sound, the kind that’s most appropriate set to long glances and wide landscapes—so it makes since that his new trilogy of music videos features lots of both contemplative long glances and stunning wide landscapes.

The trilogy stars actress Amanda Seyfried, who got her start in Mean Girls and is starring in Noah Baumbach’s upcoming While We’re Young, and GirlsChristopher Abbott, who are both friends of Marchant’s. They never directly interact with one another in the videos, but instead spend time alone staring into space, motorcycling, and walking.

Marchant and the rest of the crew, including director Houmam, shot the videos over a weekend in California’s 29 Palms desert, which he says has “a strange feeling.” “That weirdness lived within all of us for those days,” he said in a statement. “It felt as though we were all living in this strange dream together. The video conveys that dream, I think.”

Marchant appears for brief cameos to sing and strum guitar, but Seyfried and Abbott are the stars—along with the setting, which is haunting and vast. “To me, it is a stirring piece that beautifully conveys, visually, the spirit of the songs,” Marchant said. “It is soulful and eerie, and reflective of the pure-hearted intention of everyone who contributed to it.”

Watch Part 1 above, and the premieres of both Part 2 and Part 3 below.

Jesse Marchant’s self-titled album is out now.