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Henry is definitely not the only immortal being on earth.

During Forever’s winter finale, the mystery caller that has been stalking Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) proved that he, too, is actually immortal and has been around much longer than Henry—something he used to his advantage by manipulating Henry into murdering a man whom he thought was the anonymous caller. Instead, the caller was revealed to be Henry’s one-time mandatory therapist (Burn Gorman) after he was caught skinny dipping not once, but twice within a 48 hour period. With the mystery man on his way out of town, what’s next? Get the scoop from executive producer Matt Miller:

EW: What should we call the mystery man moving forward?

MATT MILLER: We’re probably calling him Adam. At the beginning, he said he’d been around a long time, so it’s the Adam and Eve joke. We’ll be calling him Adam in several episodes that we have to come. In terms of what his real name is, it’s not something we get into at this point.

What can you tell us about Adam?

What happens in episode 111 is a massive manipulation of Henry. The anonymous caller not only reveals himself to Henry, but pretends to be one character and ends up revealing himself to being another character that Henry has already come into contact with. His long-term goal in that episode is actually getting Henry to kill somebody and Henry does. What are the ramifications of that on Henry? We first learned about this in episode 106 when the anonymous caller says to Henry on the phone, “You’ve never actually done it before. You’ve never taken a life.” The anonymous caller, who has a few more years on Henry, is trying to expedite Henry’s growing period. Maybe Adam was a little bit more like Henry 1,800 years ago or 1,500 years ago, but gradually over time, he’s come to be somebody who devalues human life and whose morality is compromised. What would it do to you to be alive for that long? Could you stay optimistic? Could you stay someone who, like Henry, is very much principled and ethical? For Adam, it’s somebody who sees in Henry maybe who he used to be, but seeing a lot of evil in the world over this period of time has made him compassionless to the human plight.

Will we see how Adam came to find out about Henry?

Ultimately, yeah. There’s this line in the pilot where he says to Henry, “I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.” We will, through the course of season 1, come to understand how he learned about Henry, and a connection that they share that Henry didn’t even know about or the anonymous character didn’t know about; a shared connection that we build towards at the end of the season.

How does killing someone affect Henry?

It certainly has a lasting affect on him in the very next episode, but it’s not as if every episode he’s dealing with the post traumatic stress of having done that. He certainly feels manipulated by Adam and feels as if that relationship is irreparable. But what’s interesting is watching Adam trying to mend that relationship. How can he possibly ever forgive Adam for that? Watching Adam tell him things and watching things Adam does for Henry, and maybe even things he does for Abe, that allows Adam to buy back a little bit of that goodwill.

Through flashbacks, we’ve seen that Henry normally handles someone learning his secret by leaving town. Will Henry consider leaving New York?

We certainly saw a bit of that in 111, which was Abe encouraging him and they’re about to get out of dodge. But at this point, Adam knows where he is. Henry gets to a place where he’s not running anymore from Adam. He’s now not interested in that. He’s now interesting in confronting him.

Will Henry go on the offensive and try to find Adam?

Yes, towards the end of the season it will come to a place where Henry is no longer interested in being the victim. Whatever the consequences are of that—if that means his secret is revealed—he’s not prepared to run anymore.

Will someone find out Henry’s secret this season?

That I can’t say.

Will we actually get some answers as to why Henry is immortal?

Yeah. We’ll start to circle a little bit more about the mythology, the history and the circumstances. We’re not going to understand the entirety of it in season 1. We want to leave a fair amount of unanswered questions, but have the audience feel as if enough questions have been answered, enough mysteries have been solved and enough new mysteries have been presented that it feels satisfying. The idea of people learning his secret and everyone understanding how Henry’s like this and why is more of a series-long question than a season-long question.

Will we see more of his early years dealing with this affliction?

Yeah. We tell a lot of the Abigail, Henry and young Abe stories, and we’ll tell an old Abigail story at some point. In episode 111, we got back to Henry in that year or two right after his affliction where he had told his wife for the first time, which we heard about in episode 109. It was the first person he told and of course she didn’t believe him and had him admitted to a psychiatric hospital. We then saw what happened in that hospital in this episode. We’ll start to see episodes of him outside of the hospital and what’s become of Henry after that. We’ll also flash back to Henry before he had this affliction. We’ll meet a young Henry in London before he actually went on that boat trip to Africa and who he was and what he was like during that time.

Considering Henry’s immortal, do you see the series ending with his death?

I see the series ending with cancellation. There’s a lot of different ways that we could end this show. I have a few ideas for it. It really will depend on whose terms are we going out on? I’m very hopeful for a season 2, but season 1 is not being built as if the last episode is the last episode. It’s being built as if there’s a season 2. And season 2 will be built as if season 2 is not the end of it. If there’s a way to go out on our own terms, then I have an idea for how I’d like this show to end. I can’t reveal, certainly, whether or not Henry dies or not, but even if he’s left with the option to die or not, does he choose life or death in that situation?

Forever returns Tuesday Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


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