Emily Kinney

BETH IS ALIVE!!!! Well, not really. But the woman who played her on The Walking Dead has returned…and we don’t mean as a reanimated zombie. Emily Kinney debuted her new single “Rockstar” today, and there is only one place you can watch the music video for it. Can you guess where? Yes, here! That was easy, right?

Directed by Entertainment Weekly’s own Jay Sansone, the video features Kinney in a killer retro MTV shirt while dancing and taking selfies with her besties. (She certainly seems happier than while being held prisoner in Grady Memorial Hospital, that’s for sure.) It’s the first new tune from Kinney since her Expired Love EP and will set the stage for her album to be released in 2015.

“I jumped at the chance to work with Emily because she’s a double threat—an incredible dramatic actress and a pop star,” says director Sansone. “You just have to roll camera on that kind of presence and let her do her thing. For this video, we chose a very clean ’90s music video look and made something that resonates with Emily’s style and something gritty the fans would appreciate.”

Okay, as Marty DiBergi would say, enough of my yappin’. Click on the video player below to get your exclusive Emily Kinney fix. And then you can hop over to iTunes and download the song for yourself.

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