By Jonathon Dornbush
December 08, 2014 at 07:25 PM EST
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Christmas came early for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita owners, as Sony held the first ever PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Blending together gaming conventions like E3 and PAX, the PlayStation Experience allowed attendees to try dozens of games heading to Sony platforms in 2015. But the company also used the fan event to make a host of announcements and debuts, rivaling its own E3 conference from earlier this year.

While there were too many games on hand to list, here are the eight most important trends and pieces of news that popped up from the event.

1. Street Fighter V is real: After last week’s leak, which seemed too real to be a fan-created bluff, Capcom announced Street Fighter V. The game will remain exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PC—sorry, Xbox One—owners and will allow players to compete against each other across those platforms.

2. Katamari Damacy‘s creator has a new game: Keita Takahashi, the man behind the lovable but bizarre Katamari Damacy, is back with his latest creation, the also oddly named Wattam. Unsurprisingly, it looks awesome. The game in inspired by Takahashi’s experience playing with his two-year-old son and wondering what would happen if all his son’s toys could interact. Sure, it sounds strange—but so did rolling a giant a ball around to collect every and anything you can think of.

3. Fat Princess lives: The small but beloved downloadable game Fat Princess gained enough of a following on PlayStation 3 that, while the franchise has remained relatively dormant for several years, Sony has deemed it worthy of a followup. Fat Princess Adventures brings the mayhem of the original game into adventure form, as players join up to fight against evil… and eat a lot of cake.

4. Giant Sparrow is making another gorgeous game: The team behind The Unfinished Swan returns with What Remains of Edith Finch, the gaming version of a short story collection about a family in Washington. The game will span the 1900s, reflecting the developers’ experience growing up in the state as players take on the role of Edith, who is trying to discover why she’s the last Finch left alive.

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5. Sony loves indie developers: That has been the company’s refrain since the PlayStation 4 was unveiled, and the company takes just about every opportunity to reinforce it. The PlayStation Experience’s keynote conference included the announcement of a number of indies making their way to Sony platforms. Super Time Force, Shovel Knight, and Bastion will arrive next year, while new indie games like SkytornThe Forest, and Severed will debut in 2015 as well.

6. David Jaffe hasn’t lost his love for the crazy funny and the crazy violent: The man behind Twisted Metal is back with his next chaotic shooter, Drawn to Death. Jaffe’s latest—from his new studio, strangely called The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency—is a multiplayer shooter game that takes place solely within the margins of a teenage boy’s notebook. Remember all the doodles you’d draw while bored in math class? Drawn to Death transforms them into weapons, battle arenas, and characters.

7. Yakuza will return: The Yakuza series enjoys a worldwide audience, but the franchise normally takes a while to make the jump from Japan to other territories. Sony announced that Yakuza 5, which was released in 2012, will finally be available in the U.S. and Europe in late 2015.

8. Another God of War game is being developed: In a surprise that should shock no one, Sony is apparently in the midst of producing a new God of War game. During a panel, Sony Santa Monica’s creative director Cory Balrog reportedly said that a new chapter in the story of Kratos is in development. But Sony isn’t yet ready to say much about the game, as Sony Santa Monica’s Twitter account demonstrates.

Don’t tell anyone what @corybarlog just said #PlayStationExperience #GodofWar

— Santa Monica Studio (@SonySantaMonica) December 6, 2014

Bonus: Don’t miss the first gameplay demo of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. And though footage of No Man’s Sky debuted at The Game Awards on Dec. 5, developer Hello Games debuted another beautiful trailer at the PlayStation Experience. It still won’t tell you how the game actually plays, but it sure is beautiful to watch.

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