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Have you found yourself wondering, “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite TV shows? We’re here to tell you. Check out our Spotify playlist and see why these music picks clicked. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: Spoilers ahead.)


The episode: “Red Rose” (712)

The hook: By popular demand! Jukeboxers on Twitter were obsessed with Sheeran’s bluesy meditation on “the sins of my father” and “the pain of my mother.” On Tuesday, “Rain” washed over a trademark epic montage wrapping up the series’ penultimate episode. As we said goodbye to more SAMCRO OGs, Sheeran’s mournful plea and Nero’s (Jimmy Smits) weeping conveyed our anguish. Sexy silver lining: Jax (Charlie Hunnam) provided a little consolation during a steamy—albeit deeply dysfunctional—sex scene.


The episode: “Acts of War” (108)

The hook: After the horrific—and fan-reviled—rape of Mary (Adelaide Kane) on Thursday, the Queen displayed profound, steely strength when she took to court and led in spite of her intense trauma. The Dublin rockers’ lyrics (“Take control of who you are, ’cause ain’t nobody going to save you… the world is getting stranger. Take control of who you are, stay the same don’t let them change you”) perfectly expressed Mary’s struggle… as well as her personal and political victory amid unthinkable circumstances. On a much lighter note, Wasted Fangs’ “Balconies” underscored the pre-marital negotiations of Mary’s sister-in-law Princess Claude (Rose Williams) and Lord Conde (Sean Teale).


The episode: “Rule No. 23: Never Lie to the Kids” (101)

The hook: Nothing like a mid-separation hook-up with a much younger man to make a woman feel a little “out of touch.” On Tuesday’s series debut, the English chanteuse’s rootsy Gnarls Barkley cover conveyed relationship guru Abby McCarthy’s (Lisa Edelstein) mental state (spoiler: not too great) as her own marriage crumbled and she found herself experiencing a liberating but slightly regrettable morning-after sunrise.


The song: Katy J, “Simple Man”

The episode: “Rubbery Homicide” (1508)

The hook: Things were not so “Simple” when Nick (George Eads) looked into the death of a man involved with rubber lady dolls. The Angeleno singer’s Ray Lamontagne-esque ditty belied the kink at hand.


The song: So Many Wizards, “Lose Your Mind”

The episode: “Thanksgiving IV” (409)

The hook: On Nov. 25, Bangs-giving ended with a… well… you know. The Echo Park band’s ebullient strummer kicked in once the loftmates stopped getting caught up in the sexnanigans and found their sweet spots. Emphasis on the sweet.

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The song: Viv and the Revival, “I Want It”

The episode: “Flash vs. Arrow” (108)

The hook: Before the big Arrow/Flash face-off, this thrummer was a fitting choice for Tuesday’s opening monologue montage of Barry (Grant Gustin) paying it forward and having all the feels.


The song: Lana Del Rey, “Ultraviolence”

The episode: “Secrets & Lies” (102)

The hook: No threats to good musical taste here. Katherine Heigl’s Beltway drama has consistently impressed, with TV On The Radio’s “Will Do” closing out Monday’s episode, and the title track from one of EW’s Top 10 Albums of 2014 appearing in the Nov. 24 ep.


The song: Zella Day, “Compass”

The episode: “I Alone” (609)

The hook: Thursday’s episode began with Jukebox mainstay BROODS, whose “Mother & Father” underscored a date between Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). But one of the more emotional and narrative turning points in the episode came Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) traveled back to 1994. Outside her childhood home, Elena admitted she shouldn’t have compelled away her memories of Damon. Though the star-cross vampires were quickly ripped back into the present (and away from an almost-kiss), Day’s plaintive voice echoed Elena’s yearning and her inner awareness that Damon is her emotional “Compass”—even if she doesn’t want to give into it.


The song: Brett Detar, “Losers Baby”

The episode: “Terra Pericolosa” (306)

The hook: The Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter had a big week. His “Too Free to Live” featured on Wednesday’s Nashville. The next night, “Losers Baby” saw Sherlock (Jonny Lee Watson) allow Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond) to strike out on her own… sort of. Detar’s delicate tune suited an unexpectedly tender, trusting moment for the coldly pragmatic detective and his fiery protégé.

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The song: George Michael, “Faith”

The episode: “Rode a Hoverboard” (208)

The hook: Adam (Sean Giambrone) showed off some serious hip action when emulating the former Wham! singer. Unfortunately the rest of his body hadn’t caught up, and the 1987 hit sent him the emergency room with a broken arm. Dance through the pain, Adam!

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