A rascally man-child drag-raced a Lamborghini, two fame hounds spent a mint on a wedding that was Liberace-level extravagant, and an old-guard supergroup invaded your iTunes account like a pack of musical Vikings. Is your blood boiling yet? By adding up tweets inspired by the year's most inglorious events, we hereby gauge the Year in Rage.

Jan. 26
Macklemore ”robs” Kendrick Lamar of a Best Rap Album Grammy, then texts him an apology — CC’ing the world via Instagram.

”Macklemore won best Rap record at the Grammys. OMGOODness. hiphop is dead & KILL the damn Grammys. where the hell is RAKIM? Macklemore ain’t Rap” —@MichaelRapaport

Jan. 28
After Bieber nabs his first DUI (and mug shot), a petition to deport him earns 273K signatures.

”Who amongst us hasn’t drag-raced a Lambo in Miami on pills? #FreeBieber.” —@zachbraff

March 27
An incendiary tweet by The Colbert Report inspires the hashtag #CancelColbert by writer Suey Park.

”The Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals has decided to call for #CancelColbert. Trend it.” —@suey_park

May 24
Kim and Yeezy wed in Florence, next to a massive wall of roses that nearly eclipses their egos.

”Kim and Kanye are like an ex on facebook. You might not like them, but you’re gonna look through all their pictures.” —@michelleisawolf

Robin Thicke’s sad-sack campaign to win back his ex Paula Patton makes us all avert our eyes (and ears).

”Wishing Paula Patton nothing but immense, everlasting happiness and for Robin Thicke, the exact opposite of that.” —@Eng_Matthew

Aug. 31
Countless celebrities are attacked by hackers who stole their nude photos via the cloud and leaked them all over the Internet.

”If you’re looking at those leaked Jennifer Lawrence photos, please remember that THE CAPITOL IS ALWAYS WATCHING. Have some respect.” —@President_Snow

Sept. 7
U2 stealthily implant their new album in 26 million iTunes accounts. Bono later actually says, ”Oops.”

”Evolution of music sales:
1. Pay a lot
2. Pay a little
3. Pay anything
4. OK fine, just pay once a month
5. F— you, now you own a U2 album”

Nov. 5
Taylor breaks up with Spotify. Then the streaming-music service creates mixtape playlist to get her back.

”This is how it starts. One day Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify. The next, we’re using AOL and having to hail taxis again.” —@levie

Nov. 29
Hackers attack Sony Pictures and leak major films online. Is this possibly North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s revenge for The Interview?

”I’m not sure I believe the Sony hacking story. Who on earth would want to download the new ”Annie”?” —@SmallgGay

Source: Crimson Hexagon