Anna Kendrick
Credit: Peter Mountain
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Anna Kendrick was tweeting her Peter Pan Live! commentary Thursday night, but on Friday, a peek at her own upcoming musical performance in Into the Woods emerged. And she sounds pretty fantastic in it.

“On the Steps of the Palace” comes toward the end of the first act in the stage version, and got some rewrites from Stephen Sondheim for the screen. While in the stage version the song recalled Cinderella’s earlier experience, now she’s singing it in the moment, while she’s actually stuck on the steps. In the clip we see Chris Pine’s Prince frozen in time as she stops to sing. “I felt lucky and terrified that Sondheim was handing me new lyrics,” Kendrick told EW. ”I felt like, Oh my God, he’s making history and I get to be here watching him change his own work for a movie adaptation.

Into the Woods

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