GamerGate is proof that we need to pay closer attention to the culture that surrounds our entertainment

Supporters say Gamergate is about ethics in videogame journalism. Everyone else says it’s about gender warfare and how the Internet spreads a bad idea like a virus. It started with a blog post: a man accusing a female videogame designer of cheating on him with, among other people, a videogame journalist. The woman was harassed and threatened online. Then another woman got the same treatment, and another. As of Dec. 1, the #gamergate hashtag had been tweeted nearly 4 million times. Now Gamergate partisans are pleading for mercy. They’re misunderstood! Misrepresented by a lunatic fringe! Gamergate was the dark side of the Internet age, the moment social media got weaponized. Look closely and you can see all the promise of our hyperconnected society devolving into a shrill cacophony of endless infighting. What a waste of an era.