Rosamund Pike in ''Gone Girl''

By Chris Lee
Updated December 05, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Meet Amy Dunne: loving wife, sadistic sociopath. Forever puncturing the ”cool girl” myth in David Fincher’s scabrous thriller, British actress Pike plays Amy as an icy blond perfectionist with the instincts of a criminal mastermind (duh — she went to Harvard). ”Amazing Amy” is introduced as a model of long-suffering domestic forbearance, but is gradually revealed to be much more than she seems. Her blood-stained disappearance sets her husband (Ben Affleck) on a collision course with a murder rap — and Pike’s slippery performance keeps us on our toes till the very end. ”Amy is the female brain — both the wonderful and darker parts of being feminine,” says Pike, 35. ”She’s complicated. She’s goal-oriented. She’s out to win.” Mission. Accomplished.