By Ariana Bacle
Updated December 04, 2014 at 09:03 PM EST

Anyone who watched MTV’s Laguna Beach knows that the biggest drama was the love triangle that was made up of Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, and Stephen Colletti. But in a new interview with Oprah, Cavallari says that was all forced.

“The producers would have [Colletti] go and take out Lauren Conrad, take her to dinner, bring her flowers,” she said, “which never would have happened if it wasn’t for the show, for MTV.”

Laguna Beach premiered in 2004 and focused on the lives of a group of teens living in the picturesque California town of Laguna Beach. “We had no idea what we were doing,” Cavallari says of filming the pilot. “We were just going along with whatever MTV was telling us to do. We were kids; we didn’t know.”

Cavallari’s time on Laguna Beach came to an end in 2005, but she returned to reality TV in 2009 for MTV’s Laguna spin-off, The Hills. But even though some positives have come out of her reality TV stints—she’s had guest roles on TV shows including The Middle and The League —she doesn’t think she was prepared enough as a teen.

“I still to this day think you should have to be 18 to do a reality show,” she said, “only because of my experience.”