Route 66
Credit: Everett Collection

It looks like it’s time to travel back down Route 66.

EW can confirm that Slingshot Global Media is developing a reboot of the 1960s TV series Route 66. Slingshot is also set to produce and distribute the show, which is being executive produced by Kirk Hallam. The producers are currently searching for a writer for the project.

The new show would update the original series’ premise, which chronicled two men as they traveled through America’s heartland in their awesome sports car—a premise that, if you add in some demons, sounds a lot like The CW’s longest running show. Though Supernatural likely took at least some inspiration from the original Route 66.

The original show, a spin off of Naked City, starred Martin Milner and George Maharis and ran for 116 episodes during the early 1960s. The original show tackled a number of problems Americans from all walks of life faced. With 50 years having passed since the show aired, however, there are plenty of new struggles to address—and likely a surprising number of lingering issues to comment on as well.

Slingshot has several other projects in development, including two with Keanu Reeves: Rain, in which he will star, and New Angeles, which he will produce with Roland Emmerich.