Earlier this week, a snippet of Lana Del Rey’s title track from Tim Burton’s Big Eyes was released. Now the full song and the second the chanteuse co-wrote for the film are available to listen to in full.

As previously noted, “Big Eyes” is a pretty explicit track, that with a refrain that reminds listeners of the central plot of the film. It will play midway through the movie. “I Can Fly” is a more inspirational, less mournful tune, that closes out the film during its credits. “You had me caged up like a bird in mid-summer,” Del Rey, who wrote the songs with Rick Nowels, sings, declaring that she can, yes, “fly.”

The songs are no great departure for Del Rey, though neither quite has the dramatic heft of her filmic effort last year: The Great Gatsby‘s “Young and Beautiful.”

Listen to the two songs below: