By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 02, 2014 at 09:41 PM EST

Each week in EW’s Sons of Anarchy recaps, we do polls asking viewers to weigh in on what’s to come. After the last episode in which Jax (Charlie Hunnam) finally learned that his mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal), murdered his wife, Tara (Maggie Siff)—and that Sons of Anarchy Indian Hills charter president Jury (Michael Shamus Wiles), who Jax had killed, wasn’t actually the rat—a reckoning is coming for both mother and son. And let’s not forget about Juice (Theo Rossi), who killed Henry Lin (Kenneth Choi), told Jax the truth about his role in Gemma’s cover-up, and has just been sent to the infirmary by guards now on the Chinese dime. With just two episodes left in the series, how will it end for each of them? Here’s what viewers predict:

Asked if Gemma has to die, the decision is split:

52 percent say Yes.

32 percent say No. Just being on the run away from everyone she cares about is punishment enough.

16 percent say No. She should end up in jail.

Asked how Jax will end the series, only 8 percent think he’ll still be in SAMCRO:

44 percent say Alive, NOT in the club, but riding his father’s bike.

24 percent say Meeting Mr. Mayhem.

15 percent say Committing suicide on his father’s bike.

9 percent say On Nero’s farm!

5 percent say Alive, in the club, and still SAMCRO president.

3 percent say Alive, in the club, but no longer SAMCRO president.

Asked what the Chinese will do to Juice, only 25 percent expect Juice to survive the scenarios we dreamt up:

40 percent say they’ll offer Juice protection for intel that will help them retaliate against SAMCRO and Tully—but he won’t take it. He’ll choose death.

35 percent say they won’t offer him a deal, they’ll just kill him.

20 percent say they’ll offer Juice that deal, which he’ll pretend to take, but really, he’ll be a mole for Jax and continue to live.

5 percent say Juice will accept that deal, for real, and continue to live.

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