Gwen Stefani’s video for “Spark the Fire” is full of subtitles—that is, if you speak emoji.

The No Doubt frontwoman kicks off the video by flying over a colorful cartoon city on a cloud that faintly resembles the Snapchat ghost before finding herself in a dark club filled with dancers and jewel-toned lights. Speech bubbles pop up next to Stefani’s head every so often, with cartoons illustrating that she’s singing lyrics like “Get off my cloud” or “Let’s spark the fire. ” Lyric videos, take note.

Pharrell Williams, Stefani’s collaborator on the track (and who she worked with on 2005’s “Hollaback Girl”), appears later on in the video to dance into the camera as multiple photos of Stefani’s head surround him. There’s also some obvious product placement that involves Gwen Stefani scanning a slice of pizza and then making a sticker out of that scan, because that’s exactly what pizza is for.

“Spark the Fire” is the second single from Stefani’s upcoming solo album, her first since 2006’s The Sweet Escape.