Story Of Hard Luck 5

Rye Coalition formed in 1994, then signed with Dreamworks Records in 2003—a label that was sold to Universal that same year, leaving the New Jersey-based rock band essentially in the dust. Until Dave Grohl stepped in.

After Rye Coalition started experiencing label struggles, Grohl—a fan—brought them along on a Foo Fighters tour and signed on to produce their 2006 album Curses. “When we were making the record, I’d listen to it and go, goddamn, these guys, they’re so much better than most other band [rock] bands in the world,” Grohl says in an excerpt from an upcoming documentary about the band, The Story of the Hard Luck 5.

Grohl heaps more praise on the band in the clip, and Jack Black even makes an appearance to sing into the camera. And, don’t worry, Rye Coalition fans: There’s also footage of the band performing to a packed audience.

The Story of the Hard Luck 5 comes out Jan. 13.