By Miles Raymer
Updated December 01, 2014 at 07:09 PM EST
Shervin Lainez

As a founding member of Cap’n Jazz and American Football, Mike Kinsella is widely credited as one of the architects of the “second wave” emo sound that’s currently undergoing a revival, and with his long running solo project Owen, he’s earned a reputation as a sensitive singer-songwriter.

Lesser known is how morbidly funny he is, and how much he loves Danzig.

American Football’s about to hit the road again on the heels of a reissue of their seminal 1999 self-titled LP, and tomorrow Polyvinyl will release Other People’s Songs, an Owen covers album where Kinsella reworks songs by Lungfish, The Promise Ring, and Against Me!. During a stretch of downtime, he made EW a playlist of songs that he can imagine dying to, along with descriptions of the different ways it would happen. And yes, Danzig is definitely in the mix.

SONGS THAT KILL ME (in some way or another)

Neil Halstead – “Digging Shelters”

“This is the song that I’m listening to on my headphones while I’m wandering strange cities by myself and forget to look both ways while crossing the street and get hit by a taxi.”

Megadeth – “Hangar 18”

“Obviously a plane crash.”

Glasvegas – “Later…When the TV Turns to Static”

“This song is when I got smart with a drunk guy at the bar and he hit me. Which, fair enough—I was asking for it. But I hit my head on a table on the way down and never get up.”

Evan Dando – “Hard Drive”

“Old age.”

Swervedriver – “Duel”

“Definitely a drowning. The instrumental two minutes or so at the end is a total lack of oxygen, right?”

New Canyons – “Vex_apex”

“This is the song from the climactic suicide scene in the John Hughes movie I was never in.”

Cheatahs – “The Swan”

“I actually hope I die while attempting to stage dive to this song cause it’s so good!”

Azure Ray – “Sleep”

“This song is probably an accidental overdose.”

Jackson C. Frank – “Blues Run the Game”

“Maybe this is the one where I’m older and divorced and have an aneurysm and collapse in my apartment alone and nobody finds me for two days.”

Danzig – “Am I Demon”

“Mugging. I had a pocket full of cash and the dude had a bat.”

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