The first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrived on Black Friday, officially kicking off a year of your children begging you for for an R2-D2 volleyball droid. The short teaser tantalized fans, offering more questions than answers and zero sightings of the original cast. A few people, however, specifically decided to focus on the least focus-worthy part of the trailer: The fact that the first actor who appears is John Boyega, the star of the cult action gem Attack the Block, who happens to not be a Caucasian male, like many human beings in this galaxy.

Reactions ran the gamut from “He can’t be a stormtrooper, they’re all white” (untrue!) to “He can’t be a stormtrooper, they’re all clones of Jango Fett” (unclear, but probably untrue!) to rather uglier statements we need not dignify with a response. Boyega himself did respond, however, in a charming Instagram post. Sounding very much like a young man who can’t believe he’s appearing in a Star Wars movie, Boyega thanked fans and asked, “Isn’t it crazy that Star Wars is actually happening?” Then he concluded: “To whom it may concern…Get used to it. :)”

It’s a classy response from an actor who’s sure to see his star rise in 2015. It remains unclear precisely what role Boyega is playing in The Force Awakens, although the fact that he’s one of only four actors who appears in the teaser would imply that he’s one of the new trilogy’s leads.