For flightless waterfowl, penguins get around more than James Bond. Outside Antarctica, you'll find them in New Zealand, the Falklands, South Africa, the Galápagos Islands, South America, Australia, and yes, even Madagascar, their point of origin in DreamWorks Animation's ''Penguins of Madagascar''. Here, our suggestions for where these aquatic double agents (and this franchise) could venture next.

By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated November 28, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Penguins of Madagascar 2: Goldflipper
The series continues with another Bond-influenced globe-trotting adventure, as Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private run into a jackass penguin superspy by the name of ”Arse, Jack Arse” (Clive Owen) while on a mission in South Africa. They follow Arse’s archenemy, the prosthetically enhanced Goldflipper (Dustin Hoffman), to the South American gold-rush locale of Tierra del Fuego, where he’s planning the end of the world at the End of the World. The film concludes in the Galápagos Islands with a high-stakes, low-speed chase sequence on a band of tortoises.

Penguins of Madagascar 3: A View to a Krill
Penguins can have a life span of upward of 20 years — which is about the same as a DreamWorks Animation franchise. In this spectacular show of corporate synergy — and rip-roaring storytelling! — the penguins and the rest of the crew from Madagascar discover a glacier at the South Pole where the critters from Ice Age have been frozen for epochs. They team up to crash a film festival in Australia, where they waddle into megapowerful raven Russell Crowe, voiced by Jeremy Irons.

Penguins of Madagascar 4: For Your Ice Only
While vacationing in New Zealand, our four protagonists are almost taken out by assassins (a pair of Auckland auks voiced by Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie). After a pit stop in the Falkland Islands, and with the help of a macaroni penguin named Mac (Charlie Day), they track the hit back to their homeland, Antarctica. There, they find they’ve been targeted by the Empress (Helen Mirren), an emperor penguin with an ice pick to grind. Will she succeed? Is this the end of our beloved heroes? That depends on opening-weekend numbers.