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We’re keeping things simple this Turkey Day. Here are our lists of the pop-culture stuff we’d cite around our holiday tables today; what would you add?

Hillary Busis, staff editor:

—The way Ilana Glazer says “mommy and daddy”

Gotham, network TV’s best new comedy

—Every issue of Dad Magazine

—Mail… Kimp?

Ben Boskovich, assistant social media editor:

—My new spirit animal, Noah Ritter (a.k.a. Apparently Kid)

Melissa Maerz, TV critic:

—The fact that The Guardian is publishing Chris Ware’s new graphic novella, The Last Saturday, in weekly installments

Jonathon Dornbush, intern:

—That Community escaped death one more time. Six seasons and a movie!

—How danceable “Uptown Funk” is, even for someone like me

—Dancing Baby Groot

Ariana Bacle, writer:

—Cloud Nothings for releasing Here and Nowhere Else and, as a result, giving me an album to wake up/run/walk/live to

—Arcade Fire for their surprise-filled, fun, festive Reflektor shows

—The scene in Obvious Child that features Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy drunkenly (and adorably) dancing to Paul Simon’s “Obvious Child”

—Most importantly, that time Ilana was a sneaky “poop ninja” on Broad City

Ashley Fetters, news editor:

—Harry Styles, who inspired a very good Taylor Swift album as well as one of the most amusing not-really-news stories of the year

—That I live in an America that gave Weird Al a No. 1 album and made Orange Is the New Black a legitimately popular mainstream entertainment property

—That You’re the Worst, which is so funny you almost don’t notice that it’s quietly kinda revolutionary, is in the world now

Esther Zuckerman, staff writer:

—Taylor Swift’s Instagram

—Many Amy Schumer sketches

Love Is Strange, the most moving, romantic movie I saw this year

—The lip sync scene in Skeleton Twins

—The use of Jim Croce in X-Men: Days of Future Past

—The use of Jim Croce in Transparent


Jeff Labrecque, senior writer:

—Everything that is Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s 12-year filmmaking odyssey about growing up. The sheer brass-balls of the venture, the brilliant performances at the center of it—including its guinea pig star Ellar Coltrane—the amazing storytelling arc (which could only have developed organically), the poignant song “Hero” by Family of the Year, which wrecks me every time I hear it… I want more; I can’t bear any more. It’s too much, too real, and too beautiful. This was the year of Boyhood in my heart and mind.

Darren Franich, senior writer:

—That scene in John Wick when the bad guys are all like “OH CRAP THAT’S JOHN WICK” and then John Wick is all like “OH CRAP I’M JOHN WICK” and then John Wick kills everybody

Andrea Towers, EW Community assistant editor:

Sex Criminals, the amazingly candid, witty and wonderful comic by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

—The Guardians of the Galaxy “Awesome Mix” soundtrack, which let me unleash my inner Peter Quill and kept me from some dark days this summer

—Scarlett Johansson starring in 3 different films

—EVERYTHING that Broad City chooses to be

—All the Marvel actors that suddenly got Twitter accounts

—The confirmation that we’re getting more installments in the Fast and the Furious franchise

Teresa Jue, intern:

Nathan For You, and specifically, Nathan Fielder’s determination to not only catch a person lying in order to get into the front of the line at Pink’s Hot Dogs, but also to convince the liar that he was the ten millionth customer of Pink’s, trap him on a boat, and watch as he’s confronted by the people he cut in line

Josh Rivera, writer:

—That The Raid 2 took one of the best action movies ever and made it even better



True Detective bloggers that were infinitely more interesting than True Detective

—The ridiculously good year we’ve had in comics, with so-good-it-hurts work coming out with astonishing regularity—I have pages from Six-Gun Gorilla and This One Summer burned into my memory

Dragon Age: Inquisition, for reminding me how fun it can be to get sucked into a video game for horrible amounts of time

—Pedro Pascal’s performance as Prince Oberyn Martell—he gave us a Red Viper far better than the one that exists on the page.

—Finally, ethics in video game journalism. ZING! (I’m joking, guys.)

Kyle Ryan, editor:

—The Hotelier, for crafting this year’s most unexpected sing-along, “I called in sick from your funeral,” and making the album that I’ve listened to more than any other in 2014 (though I may be emotionally wrecked because of it)

Silicon Valley and how I laugh every time I picture T.J. Miller saying, “Since the dawn of time, mankind hath sought to make things smaller.”

—The podcasts that make my commutes and household chores bearable (particularly Comedy Bang! Bang!, Never Not Funny, and Serial)

—And finally, Oliver Jeffers’ picture books, which are my favorite to read with my 2-year-old.

Kelly Connolly, EW Community assistant editor:

—Chris Pratt’s French braids

—That time when Victor Garber ate glass on Sleepy Hollow

—Diamond Dan Castellano

—The fact that everyone on Doctor Who has flawless eyebrows

—Greg Lestrade; he’s a man and good at it

—Ginuwine’s salute to L’il Sebastian

—The noise Jean-Ralphio Saperstein makes when he thinks about Kyra Sedgwick. “The Closer? Foof.”

Natalie Abrams, senior writer:

Homeland, for getting good again

—Marvel announcing a Captain Marvel film

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Perretti’s rapier wit

Arrow’s Katie Cassidy suiting up as Black Canary

—David Walton’s hair

—The total domination of The Walking Dead

—The schadenfreude of watching American Ninja Warrior

—Elizabeth Mitchell getting icy on Once Upon a Time

—The realization that TV couples aren’t real, so I don’t have to cry my eyes out over the Calzona divorce for days on end

—Megan Boone no longer wearing a wig on The Blacklist

—The psychotic Vampire Diaries villain Kai

The 100’s new opening credits

—Stoned Allison Tolman on The Mindy Project

—Finally giving up on American Horror Story

The Goldbergs getting a second season

—The genius that is Shonda Rhimes and her protégé Pete Nowalk

Boardwalk Empire delivering a solid, if not predictable, series finale

—The end of Glee being in sight

—Syfy putting the sci-fi back in its programming

—The sexual confusion I get when I look at Alison Williams as Peter Pan

—Everything, absolutely everything, about Orange Is the New Black

Emily Blake, west coast news editor:

—Nicki Minaj and her 2014 reinvention, which established that she can do just about whatever the hell she wants, including out-rap nearly any male MC out there

—Winston on New Girl

—The “Last Supper” episode (and every other episode, for that matter) of Broad City

—The metaphorical food fight between Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart

—The real-life Inception that took place when Ryan Gosling wore a T-shirt of Macaulay Culkin wearing a T-shirt of Ryan Gosling

Mandi Bierly, senior writer:

—The will to get up in the middle of the night to watch Ski Slopestyle and Snowboard Cross live during the Olympics

—Finally seeing George Strait in concert

—Someone turning me on to Sturgill Simpson

—The moments when Justified made me laugh, Sons of Anarchy made me cry, and Deadliest Catch made me seasick

—The decision not to throw a bottle of wine against the wall like I wanted to when Will Gardner died on The Good Wife

—The private karaoke room that has Survivor’s “Burning Heart” in its catalogue

—Keegan-Michael Key’s kicks

Kristen Harding, visual projects producer:

—That HBO GO will be offering a standalone service

—Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl

—The McConassiance

—But mostly, for the “Purple Wedding” scene in Game of Thrones, because I haven’t read the books—and I, like all good people, hate Joffrey

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