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Creed frontman Scott Stapp released a video,”Scott Stapp of Creed: Public Statment #1,” on the band’s Facebook page on Wednesday, telling fans that he is currently homeless.

“Right now I’m living in a Holiday Inn, by the grace of God, because there’s been a couple of weeks I had to live in my truck,” Stapp said. “I had no money, not even for gas or food. I went two days without eating because I had no money and ended up in an emergency room.”

Stapp says the trouble began eight weeks ago with an audit that revealed money had been stolen from him and royalties had not been paid. “There are people that have taken advantage and stolen money from me. They’re trying to discredit me, slander me. I’ve even been threatened that if I went public, like I’m doing right now, that any impropriety or anything I’ve ever done in my past that these individuals can get their hands on to humiliate and embarrass me and try to ruin my credibility, that they would do that.”

Additionally, he said that his bank account was frozen by the IRS two or three times, the result of a clerical error, and that his funds would not be returned for nine to 10 months. He also claimed someone later stole from his bank account and that he is now “penniless.”

Throughout the video, Stapp maintains that he is sober. His wife, Jacklyn Stapp, who recently filed for divorce, however, has a different story. According to the Miami Herald, Jacklyn’s divorce paperwork claims Stapp had recently been using drugs, including amphetamines, crystal meth, and steroids, and that he threatened to kill himself and hurt his family.

Stapp ended the video by stating that his civil rights had been violated, and by making a plea for an attorney. To watch it in full, click here.

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