By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated November 26, 2014 at 05:53 PM EST
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Adam Pally hasn’t been known for playing the most fitness-obsessed characters, but the actor partnered with Ubisoft for Shape Up, a game that lets players exercise from the comfort of their own home using the Xbox One’s Kinect camera.

That promise excited Pally enough to partner with Ubisoft for a video campaign for the game. Pally spoke to EW about his work with Shape Up, his other projects, and his own unique, and at times dangerous history with exercise.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how you did you become involved with Shape Up?

ADAM PALLY: Well, I think that [Ubisoft] probably, it’s a video game that lets you exercise from your home, and I think they probably looked at me as a real fat shit and was like “This guy, if he’s ever going to exercise, it’ll be from the comfort of his own home while playing a video game.” So I was excited. I like doing stuff like this because it’s always nice to be able to do comedy anywhere, so the fact that Ubisoft wanted to do some videos and stuff, it was a really cool opportunity.

What exercises have you been doing the most from the game?

I’m big on the squatting to the moon. I’m big on squats lately. And actually it’s the one game, I played a bunch of Wii stuff, you never really break a sweat. This is the one game where after I was done playing it, I was, it was exhausting.

Do you play games in general on your own or with your kids?

No, they’re too young to play video games, so what I do is I lie to them and I give them a controller with no batteries while I’m playing video games and I tell them that they’re playing.

That’s how my parents played games with me when I was young.

Oh good, your dad seems like a real piece of crap. [laughs]

You’ve also been busy outside of exercising I presume, having just started a production company, right? Will you be going for comedy projects or veering into award-worthy indie dramas

Oh yeah, I’m trying to get the rights to a remake of My Left Foot, called My Right Foot. [laughs]

We’re really just starting to get off the ground and we’re looking to do comedy, not just on network [television], but on the internet, cable, and do things that in other times would not have been developed into TV shows. But I think now, with all the places that you can put [a video] up, you’re free to explore any idea no matter how far from center it is.

Would the collaboration you’ve done with Ubisoft on Shape Up be an indication of the types of projects you might pursue?

Yes, totally. I think one of the big things we’re trying to do is integrate more commerce and branded content, and so this was a great opportunity to get my feet wet.

You’re also doing a movie with T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch, right?

Yeah, I finished the film with them about six to eight months ago, and it’s awaiting distribution. It’s called Search Party, it was really fun. Those guys are two of my best buds, I’ve known them for a really long time, so it was like going to sleep-away camp.

Anything about the movie you can discuss?

I think it’s under wraps, but it was kind of nice to play, for the first time, not the craziest one in the group. I let that fall to T.J., so it was nice to play the straight man to him, but it was really a great experience. I would love to work with those guys again.

So back to Shape Up, who do you think is a good audience for the game? Should fitness junkies be picking it up or is it for someone looking for an easy in to exercising?

I actually think that the best thing about Shape Up, I know a lot of people that don’t go to the gym because they don’t like a gym atmosphere, and they feel like they’re being judged or people are looking at them. I certainly feel that way, I am judging you and I am being judged. And I think Shape Up is cool because you can work out in your house. My dad used to do Jane Fonda aerobic tapes in our house sometimes because he didn’t like to go to the gym. And this reminds me of that, you can do your own workout in your living room and no one has to see you sweat and look like a pig.

So what would be your exercise recommendations for those playing the game?

Adam Pally’s recommendations for exercise are, enough that you feel good about yourself for that specific day.

And worry about the future when it comes?

Yeah. We’re all gonna die.

So just take it one routine at a time?

Yeah, one bagel at a time.

I really like the potential of the game as someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about going to the gym and still looking good.

No, no, because that won’t happen. I can just tell from your voice, that wouldn’t happen. [laughs] Listen, when I work out, you can’t even describe the look, it sounds like a dog is being killed.

Does that scare your kids?

Oh yeah, often times. One time I said I was going to go out for a run. I didn’t even get two blocks before the cops picked me up. A neighbor had called and said they heard a pet being strangled. It was just me wheezing.


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