Chris Colfer
Credit: Chiun-Kai Shih

UPDATE: Chris Colfer tweeted out the titles for his Land of Stories companion books–The Mother Goose Diaries and Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royalty–and wrote that the picture books will be about the characters Curvy Tree and Trollbella.

ORIGINAL STORY: Though Glee‘s story may be coming to a close, Chris Colfer is hard at work on expanding another one of his stories.

Colfer is set to write two more books in his childen’s series The Land of Stories, having signed a multi-book deal with Little, Brown and Company.

The newest entries, which will bump up the series to a total of five books, are untitled but scheduled to be released in July 2015 and July 2016.

In addition to these novels, Colfer will also write two picture books based on the Land of Stories, as well as two companion books for inclusion in a holiday box set releasing in 2015.

Colfer’s print plans don’t end with this set of stories, however. The actor and author is now also writing a novel for teenagers that tells the story of a young actor taking a cross-country road trip with his fans—a setup that would also make for a great way to do a book tour once the novel releases.

Colfer later tweeted about what the companion and picture books will cover.