By Jonathon Dornbush
November 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

While fans may have to hold out more than a year for the next Star Wars film, Lucasfilm’s animated project Strange Magic is a much shorter wait away. And now, the first trailer is here, meaning we finally get to see what Alan Cumming would look like as a singing bug.

Strange Magic comes from a story conceived by George Lucas and inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though there’s a good chance audiences haven’t seen a tale inspired by Shakespeare’s play that incorporates Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.”

Yahoo debuted the trailer and spoke with the film’s creative team, which includes director Gary Rydstrom, who also co-wrote the script with David Berenbaum of Elf and Irene Mecchi of The Lion King and Brave. The cast of musically inclined stars will feature Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth, Evan Rachel Wood, and Maya Rudolph. That cast will be tasked with singing musical hits from the last several decades throughout the film, including Heart’s “Straight On” and Deep Purple’s “Mistreated.”

See artwork from the film, which gives off a distinct A Bug’s Life-meets-Epic vibe, over at YahooStrange Magic hits theaters on Jan. 23, 2015.