By Joshua Rivera
November 21, 2014 at 07:29 PM EST

For some people, price tags are more suggestions than definitive statements of cost, an agreed upon place from which bargaining can begin. The period of time we call The Holidays—where we, as a nation, are encouraged to spend as much money as we can to prove to our friends and families that we still love them—is an absolute field day for such people. Since everyone is spending money, every retailer naturally wants most of that money to go to them, and will employ just about any tactic to convince you to send your hard-earned money-dollars their way. One of the biggest weapons in the retailer arsenal is the price-matching guarantee.

It can, however, backfire.

This year, Wal-Mart has advertised a pretty comprehensive Ad Match guarantee, promising to match the best offers any of its illustrious competition could come up with. (As long as that bargain doesn’t include health insurance for all part-time employees.) But if there is a loophole, it will be found—and four customers made off with a $399 Playstation 4 at the low, low, cost of $97 thanks to some deviously misleading online auction ads on Amazon. Watch the video below for more.

Obviously, Wal-Mart’s Ad Match guarantee has gone through a bit of adjusting.