By Ariana Bacle
November 21, 2014 at 07:00 PM EST

Some nights you browse Tinder hoping for a good match. Other nights you lie in bed with your best friend examining each others’ boobs. Or, in the case of Sasha and Paige in Life Partners, you do both.

Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester and Community‘s Gillian Jacobs star as Sasha and Paige in Life Partners, a film that follows two best friends and what happens when one of them gets a boyfriend, played by Meester’s real-life husband Adam Brody. It’s silly and heartfelt and a surprisingly realistic portrayal of female friendships.

Case in point: Sasha yells about how badly she needs to use the bathroom as soon as she shows up to Paige’s place for TV night. “Within your own friendships, you can just talk about anything and everything,” Meester tells EW. “Nothing’s off limits and you can be totally yourself and talk about all your bodily functions and all that.”

Meester’s character is just as open in the exclusive clip below, where she discovers a dent on her breast and asks Paige if it’s possible to have a “reverse tumor” before making Paige take a look. (Verdict: It’s not a reverse tumor.) Sasha debates going to meet a girl from Tinder; Paige gripes about her love life. “I just want to meet a guy I like as much as you, is that too much too ask for?” Paige says. “I hate everyone but you,” Sasha replies.

It’s a sweet moment of platonic love, something there’s an abundance of in the film. Meester hopes the movie helps audiences see “the importance of woman-to-woman confidence and friendship and companionship”—late-night breast exams optional.

Life Partners is currently available on iTunes and will be in theaters Dec. 5.