By Miles Raymer
Updated November 21, 2014 at 05:59 PM EST
Jack Wagner

David Heartbreak is something of a DJ’s DJ, and he counts among his biggest fans dance music luminaries like Diplo, Brodinski, and Skrillex, who went so far as to sign him to his own OWSLA label and release his new LP Rose Colored Bass. But as electronic music continues to dismantle the distinctions between genres his blend of EDM, hip-hop, reggae, and whatever else catches his ear seems more and more likely to put him on a level with his better-known supporters.

Recently he took a break from wowing the world’s biggest DJ’s to put together an EW playlist that shows off the breadth of his listening habits, covering everything from deconstructed hip-hop to classic rock. Like Rose Colored Bass it just begs to be put on repeat.

1. David Heartbreak – “War of the Roses”

“I like to listen to a lot of dark, sexy, melodic, and even ambient music. I created this song to give people the same feeling that I was searching for, a song that fused electronic music with organic elements.”

2. Slum Village – “Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix)”

“This song embodies a lot of the reasons why I love electronic music, it shows that there are no ceilings to what you can do with technology, skill, and an open mind. I think this is a great re-interpretation of a classic underground hip-hop record.”

3. Washed Out – “Feel It All Around”

“This is just a beautiful song, almost like poetry in motion. The sense of euphoria in this track, it almost gives me a natural high.”

4. Hundred Waters – “Cavity”

“Another eerie, dark and beautiful song. Definitely one of my favorite groups. I love the emotion of this track, it’s beautiful beyond words.”

5. M83 – “Midnight City”

“One of my favorite songs to listen to, ever. This track is just too good. No matter what mood I’m in, if I play this it takes me to another place.”

6. Tokimonsta feat. MNDR – “Go With It (David Heartbreak Remix)”

“I was inspired by the movie Drive when I created this. The soundtrack and movie were so next level and forward-thinking, it inspired me to take this remix one step further. So thanks to Electric Youth, Kavinsky and everyone else who wrote music on that soundtrack—it’s exceptional.”

7. Nirvana – “Heart-Shaped Box”

“This song reminds me of my homie’s basement where we used to chill and hang and dream about being famous. One of my favorite groups of all time—the energy, the vibe, the message was on point.”

8. Jimi Hendrix – “Purple Haze”

“I mean, it’s Jimi… come on!”

9. Son Little – “Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches”

“When I heard this song for the first time I was busy doing a million things, and I stopped in my tracks and listened to it word for word. One of the few songs that made the hair on my arm stand up. Some artists sing from the bottom of their hearts and this song is the epitome of that to me.”

10. Pablo Gad – “Hard Times”

“I discovered this being a big fan of The Prodigy, this was a sample they used. I found the original and fell in love with the feel of the record. I’m a big dub head, and being able to relate to this track during many points in life on different levels, I got to appreciate the lyrics and just the soul and vibe of the track.”

11. Art of Noise – “Moments in Love”

“I grew up listening to this—everyone in my house would play it for various reasons. This song was, is and will always be a staple in my life. The subtleness of the instrumentation really makes you realize that less can sometimes be more. This song shows you that if you make truly great music, that it will last the test of time. This song is timeless.”