By Jonathon Dornbush
November 21, 2014 at 09:33 PM EST
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Taking the advice of her doctors, Cher has canceled the 29 remaining stops on her Dressed to Kill Tour.

Cher posted an announcement to her website on Nov. 20, stating that “with enormous regret,” she will not be performing any of the remaining dates on the tour, which included stops in Texas, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and several other states.

Several September tour dates had previously been postponed due to an infection that affected Cher’s kidney, and they had been rescheduled for this month. However, all dates from November through her Feb. 4, 2015 show in Fargo, North Dakota have been canceled.

Cher’s doctors had advised her to take more time to recover after the September postponement, and so the decision was made to end the tour.

Refunds will be available at the point of purchase for those who have already purchased tickets.

Cher took to Twitter after the announcement to personally apologize to her fans.

I’m SORRY I Couldn’t B the 1 to tell you about postponing my tour. I Tried SO HARD 2b Strong enough,but my Will couldn’t force my Body time

— Cher (@cher) November 21, 2014

Im devastated (& NO fun 2b around)that I’m not packing all Blk & 1 P.Treacy 4 BusWILL NEVER SAY AGAIN“Is It Show Nite?I’m A-Wee-Bit Tired”

— Cher (@cher) November 21, 2014

Am Trying 2“Let go & Let God,“but I suck at Letting Go & Letting Anybody! This is a CRUSHING BLOW 4 ME & IM BEYOND SORRY4 DISSAPOINTING U

— Cher (@cher) November 21, 2014

Appreciate your understanding….U R Amazing,but I Was Having SO Much Fun & Am SO SADIt’s like when u r a kid & trip2 Disneyland is Canceled

— Cher (@cher) November 21, 2014