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Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Marvel and DC may have the movie market cornered on interconnected franchises, but after Bobby Moynihan’s recent interview with TimeOut New York, they might have new competition: The “Weekend Update” cinematic universe.

Moynihan talked all things Drunk Uncle with TimeOut, offering information on his origins, ideas for a movie based on the character, and, most intriguing of all for “Update” fans, the Uncle family tree.

That wife Linda he always refers to? Moynihan says he believes that to be Kristen Wiig’s Aunt Linda character. He named Stefon as their son (which would make Seth Meyers their son-in-law) and Cecily Strong’s The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at the Party as their daughter.

As for Jacob? He’s their neighbor, but because of his Jewish heritage, Drunk Uncle isn’t too fond of him.

In other words, there’s definitely enough fodder for a whole series of “Weekend Update” movies, beginning with the long-gestating Drunk Uncle versus Scotch: Dawn of Awkward Family Dinners and ending with the inevitableThe Updaters: Age of Jostron.

But if that cinematic unvierse doesn’t quite pan out, Moynihan has other thoughts on how a Drunk Uncle movie might go.

“We start off with a baby—he’s immediately drunk when he’s born. You just hear the sound of a bottle cap,” Moynihan said.

In case his time ends on “Update,” however, Moynihan has some idea of how he’d like to see the character go out. And it’s not pretty.

“The only way to finish it is just that he’s dead,” Moynihan said, claiming the character is too dark for something like Stefon’s Wedding. “He’s going to die on ‘Update,’ and that’sit.”

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